Here are a few important steps regarding taxes and benefits.

1. Get a tax account 🏦

You are an employee of CEA, which means that you have to declare your annual income and pay taxes.
To do this, you need to create an account at the tax office. You will get a tax account number (numéro fiscal) that will come in handy when you need to declare your annual income (in May each year).

To get this number, you simply need to send an e-mail to stating that you need to open an account and to get a “numéro fiscal”.

2. Economical support from CAF: “Prime d’activité” 💲

You are probably eligible to receive a benefit called “Prime d’activité” aimed at modest salaries in France.
To collect this benefit, go on the CAF website, select “Mes services en ligne” and then “Faire une demande de prestation”.
If you already have an account, just click on “Vous êtes allocataire”; if not, pick “Vous n’êtes pas allocataire” and create your account.
Once you’re connected, click on “Le RSA et la prime d’activité”, then “La prime d’activité” and finally “Faire la demande”. Follow the instructions on the CAF website and wait for the money!

3. Open a “Plan d’épargne entreprise”

One of the benefits offered by CEA is the PEE, which is a special savings account with a participation from CEA : based on how much you deposit on this account, CEA will add up to 700€ per year. However this money is locked for five years … but you can unlock it in the case of special events (getting married, becoming a parent, or simply the end of your contract at CEA).
During your stay at CEA, you will also get once pear year a bonus called “Prime d’intéressement”. You will have the choice between getting the money right away or adding it to your PEE. The wiser choice is to add it to your PEE as you will pay a lot less taxes on this bonus this way.

To open this magic account, you just have to fill the PEE form and send it the adress written on the form. You will need to join a check of at least 50€. The entire amount of money will be deposited on the account (the fees are paid by CEA).

3. Get in touch with ACAS 🌴

ACAS is part of the benefits offered by CEA. This association can in particular refund you for a part of your plane tickets when you go abroad. It also offers trips at a very reasonable price.
All the advantages will be explained to you by or