L’association des Thésards de Cadarache (ASTHEC) is the PhD students, young workers and interns’ society of CEA Cadarache, made by and for Cadarache students. Any PhD student, intern, post-doc, interim worker, apprentice or young worker is welcome! Cadarache is huge, it is very easy to get lost and to feel lonely in your lab. Our one and main goal is to make its members meet through a lot of various activities, scientific or not, in Cadarache or not. These events include afterworks, PhD lunches, parties, communication actions, visits… ASTHEC is supposedly as old (and wise) as Cadarache itself, which makes it a key link between the students and the institutions of Cadarache (CEA, IRSN, ITER). Adhesion is free of charge and will always be!
Follow us on Facebook : @ASTHECad Contact us at : contact@asthec.org

Association ASTHEC Bat 154 CEA Cadarache 13108 Saint Paul-lez-Durance